Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Fit it all in

When trying to fit it all in, it seems to work better if there is less to fit in. I always try to fit more in than I should and then stuff gets squished or broken or the bag looks funny or things get neglected. This is often the case with actual things but it spills over into money, food, entertainment and time.

-I am chronically late to everything but work and school. It's usually because I thought I could do too much or tried to fit just one more thing in.
-My inbox that holds only rss feeds has just under 40,000 messages in it. That does not include the 4,000 or so that I have archived.
-My other two inboxes have hundreds of emails that should be in the rss inbox.
-When moving, I realized I easily have over 100 boxes of stuff.

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