Friday, September 19, 2008

Bitter and Dippy

There are two different women I know (well, that I am acquainted with) and I call one Bitter and the other Dippy. This is during my inner monologue, not to their faces. Anyway, whenever I see Bitter she looks put out and annoyed. If she is on the phone, she is griping at or about someone trying to scam her. If she is talking to someone, it is about how they should watch out so someone else doesn't take advantage of them. If she is alone she has a pained and tired look on her face. She once threatened a friend of mine, so I don't give her the benefit of the doubt. I just ignore her as much as I can.
Dippy is another story. On paper she's a lot like Bitter. Same age, job, family and fashion. But instead of Bitter's permascowl, Dippy wears a permasmile. If she's talking to someone else, it's loud and about how proud she is of X or how she can't wait for Y. The problem is when she is trying to convince you of something, she uses smiley faces and fifty-nine exclamation marks, wishes you a nice day and thinks that will "win you over". But her facts are wrong. She once told someone else I was "crabby", and I don't know of it was because I don't smile or talk loud enough, or simply because I remained unconvinced despite all her sugary sweet platitudes.
My point is, I don't like either of their attitudes. Life is not always out to get you. Smiles will never replace logic. That is all.
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