Thursday, October 26, 2006

Fall Tv - Studio 60 and HIMYM

Tv Squad reviews this week's episodes of Studio 60 and How I Met Your Mother, two of my can't-miss shows. I thought this week's Wrap Party episode of Studio 60 was the best one yet. This show has reminded me of how much I miss Sports Night and need to watch more West Wing. Aaron Sorkin's writing hits such a chord with me, sometimes it's scary.

But, this week was not such a good one for How I Met Your Mother. I think the Brunch and Ted's Parents episodes were much better. I've been watching LOST, Heroes and The Nine as well. The last two are following a LOST type of story with a large group of people, some evil, where each one of them has different pieces to the puzzle. In fact, the cop on Heroes was the Pilot on LOST and two main characters from The Nine have been in 24. But, the connection I missed most was Sarah Paulson and Amanda Peet both being on Studio 60, when they both starred in Jack & Jill. The third girl on that show, Jamie Pressly is now hilarious on My Name is Earl.

One last thing, that commercial where Alec Baldwin asks Tina Fey when he gets to "meet" Aaron Sorkin bothers me. They worked together on Malice, so I'm pretty sure they've met.

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