Wednesday, August 31, 2005

It's been one week since you looked at me...

Last Wednesday I saw Must Love Dogs with my sister, the MiddleChild. It was your typical rom-com but had some extra comedy in it, especially the opening sequence.

Thursday, Mom, MiddleChild and I went to the Minnesota State Fair. I had one of those Nut Rolls and a basket of scallops and chips. We visited the dogs, horses and cows and pet all of the ones we could reach.

Friday, I went to the bachelorette party for Wedding #2. We were instructed to dress up, and it's a good thing because I probably wouldn't have been admitted to 'drink' (the name of the bar is 'drink') wearing my typical casual Friday outfits. It was packed as usual in there, which is so rare with the places I frequent in my old age. Loud music, sweaty strangers and overpriced rail liquor is no longer my idea of fun. But, on the rare occasions I still participate in that debauchery, I have a good time despite it all.

Saturday was shopping (fabric and a Kodak photo printer that I returned) and another movie, The Brothers Grimm. I'd say it's 2 out of four stars, because there were so many ways it could have been so much better. There were too many characters that were unnecessary and we never had time to get to know or like the leads. Something tells me this movie was very different before it went into the editing room.

Monday I had my first meeting of Intro to Drawing. I hope to minor in Studio Arts, which means 5 art classes. We have to do 5 blind contours, 3 modified contours, and ten regular contours over the next 2 weeks. In class, I did a contour of a plastic army man that I really like, even though his head is completely wrong.

Tuesday I went back to Best Buy to return the printer that was not compatible with my camera. Kodak Digital Cameras older than two years appear unsupported as far as accessories go. I also went to Michael's to get all of my drawing supplies, which was almost as much fun as getting them in Diagon Alley. I got a salad and went to Fish Lake Park for a picnic and to repack my supplies into an arty box that I painted black, green and copper. I went home and did one regular contour of a shirt on a hanger.

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