Saturday, February 11, 2017

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Colorado Lunch Lady Fired for Giving Kids Free Meals Says She’d Do It Again

from the article:

…“I would have kids start crying when I told them they didn’t have money in their account because they were terrified of getting the cheese sandwich.”

The district’s policy is to give a student a hot meal and charge the parent’s account the first three times they forget lunch money, communications director Tustin Amole told ABC News today. The fourth time, the student is given a cheese sandwich – a single slice of cheese on a hamburger bun – and a milk.

…Curry felt she could not stand by and keep letting it happen.

It’s not nutrition. It’s not healthy,” she said. “It’s wrong on so many levels, and I hated to see food go to waste. I hated to see food thrown away that could’ve been given to these children that are hungry.”

Curry was supposed to take the students’ food, throw it away and replace it with the cheese sandwich and milk if a student had exceeded the $7.60 debt limit, she said. Instead, she would cancel the transaction and remind the student to bring their lunch money.

Curry acknowledged that her actions went against the district’s policy and when asked why she did it, Curry said, “Because it was the right thing to do and sometimes doing what is right is not what is easy.”

once again, under capitalism, noncompliance with immoral rules means the employee loses her livelihood. and less children have food.

Christ. They would rather throw the food away than feed a child.

Because humiliation is important!

They actually designed the policy to throw food away rather than feed a child.

They deliberately have the child pay after they’ve received the lunch and before they eat it, so that the child gets food that cannot be returned to the serving supply. 

They have no interest in retaining the food.

They have no interest in not wasting the food.

They have no interest in not losing the monetary value of the food.

It’s just as fucking gone in the dumpster as it would be if the kid ate it.

But they’d rather put the food in the dumpster than let the child eat it.

They crafted this policy and practice to tell a child that they are less deserving of food than a dumpster that does not need to eat.

We got free and reduced lunch for a long time in elementary school. I remember the school workers making sure we got our tickets like the other kids and weren’t treated any differently. Throwing away a child’s lunch in front of the other kids is pretty humiliating. Kids don’t need humiliation.

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