Sunday, November 06, 2016

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I’ll be writing in Bernie as well. #Love it!

Post: This is a really bad idea that will make it more likely for Trump to win.
Bernie Sanders: Please vote for Hillary instead of writing me in.
People: I’m gonna write Bernie in!


Unfortunately in a two party system such as ours, voting third party or writing in a name for presidential elections is almost entirely useless (though voting in local and mid-term elections can do a lot!), even as a ‘protest vote’. Also writing in names slows down how quickly your ballot is counted, and all it really achieves is more work for the poll workers. 

Besides, if you’re really THAT gung-ho about Bernie, please realize that at this point Hillary has adopted a huge portion of Bernie’s platform. So you are voting for a lot of Bernie’s policies by voting for Hillary. 

For the record, Bernie has declined to register as a valid write-in candidate. So write-in votes for him don’t get counted. They are literally wasted votes. Just make sure he has a decent congress to work with instead.

Heck, Bernie stands to become the Budget Chairman for Congress if Hilary is elected, which would make him the 4th most powerful person in the US government and has the added bonus of not letting the budget committee get into the hands of Republicans. Vote Hilary. Make Bernie the Budget Chairman.

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