Saturday, February 27, 2016

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Jeff Duncan-Andrade - Growing Roses in Concrete

“1 in 3 urban youth display the symptoms of mild to severe PTSD. And when you compare that data to the military data what you find is urban youth are actually twice as likely as soldiers returning from Iraq to get PTSD.”

This presentation is crucial to educators interested in the future and empowerment of inner-city youth of color. View the entire video here

Dr. Duncan-Andrade is a professor at San Francisco State University. He also teaches at a high school in Oakland for free and has recently collaborated w other teachers to open His research is amazing and he’s woke AF. I was lucky to have him as a professor at SFSU.
He’s def life changing…

This is powerful.

This an example of the kind of privilege I grew up with and never realized. I only knew 2 kids in my high school who died, one from suicide and one from a car accident. It was big deal when a kid broke another kid’s nose. I was able to grow up not feeling traumatized because of the place I lived and not because of anything I did. Everyone deserves that and not everyone gets it.

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