Tuesday, April 07, 2015

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California’s first-ever mandatory water restrictions are meant to reduce the state’s water use by 25 percent through 2016.

Gov. Jerry Brown spoke with Hari Sreenivasan about that plan.

I seem to recall from elementary school that water–rain, rivers, lakes, reservoirs–are a closed system. We’re not making *more* water, just moving it around, ingesting it, expelling it, using it, purifying it.

Even if I am misrembering that, it seems to me that the rest of us need to adopt some serious water use reduction as well. Greywater for toilets should be mandatory. Xeriscaping should be the right thing to do. Car washing, giant lawns, constantly refilled and thrown out glasses of water at restaurants ought not be so casually tolerated.

Personal water use is nothing compared the water used to produce food. Beef, nut and soy production take large amounts of water. The water that is put on your restaurant table is back in the water cycle within a few days. Is the same true for plants? Beef uses water in part from the feed required, so plant growth comes into play there as well.

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