Sunday, November 04, 2012

theworstthingsforsale: Cards Against Humanity is a card game...


Cards Against Humanity is a card game that’s like Apples To Apples, but offensive. It’s not offensive like “Ha ha, you wouldn’t see that in the newspaper!” It’s offensive like maybe you shouldn’t play it with your friends unless you want to hate them.

When you’re playing Risk, and you start to lose, you go “Man, fuck this game!” When the tide shifts in Monopoly and you’re paying your friends rent and they’re taking all your shit, you say “Fuck Monopoly, I hate this game!” But when you play Cards Against Humanity, you look your friends in the eye and say “Fuck you.

Maybe you already hate your friends, though, in which case, go for it. See the blood vessels in their eyes pop when you pick apart their insecurities and jab at their soft spots, for the low price of $25.

This game is hilarious and does not make anyone feel bad. I’ve played it with two different groups and both of them were crying with laughter. If someone takes the things personally it is their own fault. No one is trying to insult anyone, just to be voted the funniest.

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