Monday, February 02, 2009

The Wisdom of Tracy Chapman

At This Point in my Life - You see I've conquered hills but I still have mountains to climb, and right now, right now I'm doing the best I can at this point in my life.

Baby Can I Hold You - Maybe if I told you the right words, at the right time you'd be mine.

Change - If everything you think you know, makes your life unbearable, would you change?

Fast Car - You leave tonight or live and die this way.

Gimme One Reason - I told you that I loved you, and there ain't no more to say.

Remember The Tinman - Who stole your heart, the smile from your face, the innocence, the light from your eyes? Who stole your heart or did you give it away?

The Promise - Remembering your touch, your kiss, your warm embrace, I'll find my way back to you...If you can make a promise, If it's one that you can keep, I vow to come for you.

You're The One - You love to play with fire you love gambling. But I know what you love and I know what you need, and I like it when you play with me.

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