Saturday, November 08, 2008


October 30th - I went to the Al Franken rally at the Convention Center. Saw Amy Klobuchar, Keith Ellison and Bill Clinton speak, as well as Al himself.

October 31st - I went to Aaron's party as a tree. No one knew what I was.

November 1st - I volunteered at the DFL and made ~250 phone calls.
November 2nd - I was supposed to get crafty with Gee, but I had to cancel on her to do homework.
November 3rd - We watched 'Recount' in class.

November 4th - I voted and then stayed up past 1am watching returns. I went to bed when it was apparent they would not know who won the Senate race before morning.

November 5th-7th - I stayed after work for four hours to attend A+ test prep class.

November 6th-9th - I am watching Debbie's cats while she is in California. Twice a day I go feed them and give Stormy his meds.

November 8th - I finally got to see 'Zack and Miri Make a Porno' with Mike.

November 10th - Class, where the write up of our voluteering is due. It will be the first class where my homework is done before 6pm.

November 17th and 24th - We have to give 4-person presentations in class. We also have to watch 7 or 8 others. Oh joy.

November 18th-20th - More A+ class.

November 21st - 'Twilight' comes out.

Either November 14th-16th or 22nd-24th - Driving to Colorado.

So if I ignore you during this month, please forgive me.

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