Wednesday, October 22, 2008

RSS to Email Services

Shoot, It looks like is dead ( and also). It's good that I kept a copy of my OPML file. Rssfwd got updated after being mysteriously down for a while, but they let me import all of my old subscriptions. It sucks, I am sure there are some feeds in Sendmerss that were not in my OPML and not in Rssfwd. I liked Sendmerss' interface more, but now I have to use Feedblitz or Rssfwd. In looking for more services, I found most of the sites either require some kind of software installation or code or else they are really for mailing list managers and not end users.

I have found a few others that seem to meet my needs but I haven't tried them yet.*

*well I have tried each one with a single feed... but I have no meaningful results yet.

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