Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I'm not Lutheran, I'm not very social, and I don't provide any services

My home phone is one digit off of the number for Lutheran Social Services, and I get a ton of misdialed calls. I average ten calls a week that leave no message at all. Before I switched my outgoing message to advise people they have not reached LSS, people would leave messages with their personal information asking for a call back. The first was a woman who called to get her adopted son's family history, and recently I got a call letting me know that someone was now homeless and staying with the lady who was calling. The funniest one was last Friday, where a woman wants to let them know she has changed her address and she recites the address two times. It is the building next door to the first apartment my family lived in when we moved to St. Cloud. She even had the same apartment number.

PS: If it is a local number, I try to call to let them know they misdialed.

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Shakycam said...

Quit lyin. We all know you provide "services". HAW HAW! Did you know you can get your number changed for free twice?