Friday, June 23, 2006

California Road Trip - Day 9

This was my last day in LA, so I spent it driving around. My niece has a thing for Elijah Wood and she once read that he frequents Lulu's Cafe. Since I was in town, I agreed to track down the place and get her a picture. After that, I headed northwest to Topanga Canyon for some views and then south to Santa Monica. I parked at the Pier and walked out to the end. I saw some fisherman catch a small ray and release it. During lunch at Mariasol, I watched some of the World Cup between France and Togo. I walked up to the Third Street Promenade and hit another toy store. I bought some pixel blocks there and then had a cool drink while browsing through Borders. The drive back to my hotel took almost two hours, but it was scenic enough that it didn't bother me. After another nap, I went back to Hollywood & Highland and spent two hours there. The next day was basically jusy waking up, filling the rental car with $3.30 gas and flying home.

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