Friday, March 10, 2006

Collect them all: Care Bears

Care Bears
The official page lists 19 Care Bears, including an all-white True Heart Bear, but Wikipedia lists 38 bears, some of which are new since 2004. The Care Bears live in Care-a-lot, a town made up of clouds and they often had to teach kids lessons about how not to be a jerk in their cartoon series. They even had a movie in 1985, which I remember seeing in the theater, and 4 more after that. They also had 11 Care Bear Cousins, who lived in the Forest of Feelings. There were different villains in each movie, but the television series had both Professor Coldheart and Wizard No Heart.
"Friends" of the Care Bears include Strawberry Shortcake and Holly Hobbie (each with their own sites) and Twisted Whiskers and the Get Along Gang (who's sites are not yet available). Friendship, in this case, means they are all owned by American Greetings.
See which Care Bear you are here or here. There is a popular quiz about Dysfuctional Care Bears, but I can't find a version available to the public.
(Australian site)

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