Friday, February 03, 2006

You are all right now!

Last night I finished watching She's Having a Baby and realized how much of my family's vocabulary was inspired by this movie. We always laugh at the parents with the mining gear at the foot of the bed, instructing the kids on how better to conceive, but there are so many other hilarious parts, like her dad griping about wanting a grandchild so he can have a picture of it on his desk at work, and her mother reliving the pain of labor which makes her husband say, "You are all right now!"

Other great parts of the movie:
The steak that fell in the grass, blood raw on one side and burnt to a crisp on the other
Alec Baldwin's lovely girlfriend
Jake stripping down to put on scrubs
the angry photographer, "I can't work like this!"
"He'd probably end up working on a loading dock and hating every minute of it."
the grouper, smelt and swordfish
"You burned the dog!"
"NetSu? We own that,"
the cross-eyed boy with the impetigo
Jake spraying dental floss and his underwear with breath spray
the random people at the end suggesting baby names

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