Thursday, December 01, 2005

Soelo Desk Reference

I have been fiddling around with this Thing in my head for months now. I've called it everything from an Interests Inventory to a Mind Map and I have struggled with the how and why of it all. Basically, I want some sort of complete listing of topics/subjects/ideas that interest me and way to organize information about each of them.

How: I have a mind that understands things best when they are sorted, organized and aligned, so I started by looking at some ways information is handled by others, like search engines and libraries. I ended up with ten broad categories that I want to focus on and then broke those down into smaller and smaller parts.

Why: Renaissance Man is the term that keeps popping into my head, despite my not being male and living in modern day. Perhaps generalist is a better term. Having some general knowledge about a wide variety of topics is appealing to me. I keep feeling like there is another reason I want to do this that I have yet to find.

When: I hope to focus on this during the month of December. I assume it's an ongoing process, but I want some framework down before January and some routines built.

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