Sunday, May 22, 2005

Celebrate Good Times

A friend has a birthday on Monday, so we spent the last two days celebrating in various ways. Friday night we went to Gasthof Zur Gemuetlichkeit for dinner and then saw a burlesque show at Lili's Burlesque Revue. I had a fish and scallops dinner at the restaurant, and I loved the scallops. That could be because I don't get to have them very often, but they were delicious. They have a seafood platter for two that I would love to try sometime. The show was funny, with great music and a real retro feel.

On Saturday, we ate lunch at Salsa a la Salsa and were going to head over to the Walker. We had to meet someone on the way, and ended up playing for about an hour at the playground in the park where we met. These are the same friends that I've been flying kites with lately, so we obviously have some issues about being "responsible adults". We ambled over to the Walker, which closes at 5 on Saturdays. I'm not sure why it's not open until 9 like it is on Fridays, but since it was 4:45, we didn't go in. Since we'd recently been to the Cathedral in St. Paul, we decided to visit the Basilica which was holding Mass at the time. We didn't want to walk around during the service, so we headed over to Espresso Royale and had some gelato. We had been walking the whole day, so we headed back to my house and picked up my car so we could go have a bonfire in Como Park. The three fire rings were occupied, so we ended up using a grill to make our fire, but it was a good size for toasting marshmallows. Finally, we went home to watch Team America: World Police and drink some Bacardi Big Apple. I was so tired I feel asleep before the end, but I'd already seen the movie. I trudged back to my house and realized that was the most time I had spent outside in quite a while.

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