Thursday, May 27, 2004


You haven't gone to Kingdom of Loathing and created a character yet, have you? Why not? I told you it was fun. You never listen to me!

Seriously, this is the funnest game ever. I have 4 characters right now, soelo - kali49a - yertle the turtle - Drew Carey

soelo just reached level 7 today and yertle will probably hit it in the next few days. kali is sucking it in level 5 right now, but I just bought her some cool stuff. Drew was the last one I created and is only about a week old, but is already at 4.

The game is funny, challenging and just awesome.

I just found the secret code to the leaflet for soelo and yertle and got my load of meat and 100 extra stats. I also got a meat globe and got some more meat and 100 more stats. How cool am I?

One of the things I like about the game is that you have an option to fight the other players or not. You have a hippy stone and if you smash it, you can attack others and they can attack you. I have smashed it for two of my chics, but I don't PvP very well, yet. (player vs player, i.e. fight)

Also, you have clans that you can join and they give you things and you can contribute things you don't need anymore. One of my clans gives me like 25 beers a week. If you drink too much though, you can't play. You can eat until you're full, and everything you eat and drink gives you some more adventures and sometimes stats.

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