Tuesday, January 24, 2017

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The administration’s claims about crowd size at the inauguration are a pure distraction. In the past 24 hours, Trump signed executive orders aimed at the ACA and installing his cabinet, deleted the pages related to LGBT rights, national AIDS policy, and climate change from the white house website, and all foreign ambassadors have been fired. Throwing up obvious lies about numbers and yelling at the press is just an attempt to make people focus on those lies instead of the real things they are currently doing.

Folks, this is a pattern. This is what he *does*. It’s his Thing. Whenever he starts up something particularly outrageous on social media, look for the legal/political shenanigans for which he’s using the social media circus as a cover.

If you feel he is altering the news - and he is - go global, get your news from international sites - The Guardian (uk) the BBC (uk) Al Jazeera, Reuters all of them have nothing to lose by going hard for him, so they do

The Guardian is running with the gag order, and leaving the transpacific partnership

The BBC is listing everything he’s doing by executive order

Reuters is talking about the lawsuit about conflicts of interest

and Al Jazeera is go with how the pope thinks he’s like Hitler

if you can’t trust the news in your own country - go international - they don’t have the same pressures and are just as accessible on the internet


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