Friday, November 19, 2004

Did you know...

That furkid is another name for a pet?

That your speeding might be because you've been velocitized and you're so used to freeway driving that even 30 mph feels slower than walking?

That I am part of the 13th Generation, those born between 1961 and 1981? We are the 13th generation to know the American Flag.

That driving an SUV produces approximately 5 tons of carbon a year?

Find out these and other amazing facts at The Word Spy.

Saturday, November 13, 2004

21 Things That I Want in a Lover

with apologies to Alanis

1. You should own at least one suit, and look hot while wearing it.
2. You cannot see friendship or love as a competition.
3. You must have a job and pay your own way.
4. You should understand that I need time alone and time away from you, or I won't be able to miss you.
5. You have to possess the humility to put others before yourself sometimes.
6. You should not smoke.
7. Once you get to know me, you should be able to sense some of my needs without my having to express them.
8. You must be able to challenge me intellectually, even if it is about a silly topic.
9. You have to know and love yourself, because if you don't, I won't be able to.
10. You must be aware of any prejudices you have and work to rid yourself of them.
11. You should possess my Wanderlust, but if you don't, it should not be a source of fear or worry for you.
12. You should set and meet goals on a regular basis.
13. You should know the values of and the differences between knowledge, wisdom and imagination.
14. You need to be able to empathise with others, while still upholding standards.
15. You must value life in all its forms.
16. Your standards for yourself must be the same or higher as your standards for others.
17. You must show me affection, respect and fidelity.
18. You must be able to learn from your mistakes and solve problems.
19. Jealousy should only motivate you to try harder. It should not get you down.
20. You must have a sense of humor, however dry or juvenile.
21. Your priorities must be in line with mine, or we will have problems down the road.

Friday, November 05, 2004


In my very own city of Minneapolis, City Pages is hosting a documentary film festival called Get Real. They will be showing one about blogs at 7:30 tonight, November 5th, at Oak Street Cinema. I would go see it if I could, but I have to rehearse my scene for Acting class. If you can't go either, at least check out the website and the article in City Pages.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

105 minutes of Citizenship

I voted this morning. I got to my polling place at 7:15 and I finally got to vote at 9:00. I think they need to cut my district in half, since I was already #298. In four years, we should have the technology to vote online quickly and securely. Who am I kidding? We won't have that 40 years. Hopefully we will know who won the election before Inauguration Day.