Friday, June 24, 2016

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Sonia Sotomayor pens powerful dissent in response to SCOTUS police search ruling

The Supreme Court empowered law enforcement officials this week with their ruling on 4th amendment case Utah v. Strieff. The conservative side of the Court swayed the ruling 5-3, but Justice Sotomayor’s dissent which hit on the racial issues of the case captured the internet’s attention. In her argument, she explains how this gives police even more power.

ICYMI, this ruling gives police the power to use against you anything they illegally obtained during the course of an unconstitutional search. In effect, police are even more incentivized to violate your 4th Amendment rights because there’s no longer any consequence for doing so.

This is terrifying and will affect marginalized persons the most. I’m sure this’ll be overturned when enough white people are caught in this web. Shameful. All worried about the 2nd amendment and have basically blown the 4th to smithereens. 4th>2nd.

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