Saturday, November 21, 2015

American Security Against Foreign Enemies Act

I wrote to my Rep who is a Democrat who voted for the bill:

I was very disappointed to see Rep. Nolan’s name on the list of Yes votes to this bill. Adding more bureaucracy to the already lengthy process of refugee admittance is doing nothing to prevent terrorism and is only causing more bad feelings among an already marginalized group. Many experts have explained that Daesh’s goal is to increase animosity between Muslims and non-Muslim westerners in order to increase their own power at home. This bill plays right into that goal and does not represent the American ideal of a melting pot where freedom of religion is guaranteed. I keep feeling like this is the 1990s and 2002 all over again with all the run up to another large military campaign in the Middle East that destroys lives while wasting money and American credibility without achieving the stated goal of stability in the region. I oppose my country fighting terror with terror, both in legislation and military action.

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