Tuesday, October 31, 2017

An ounce of preventionThe old saying says that it is worth a pound of cure. This last week has been...

An ounce of prevention

The old saying says that it is worth a pound of cure. This last week has been one bureaucratic frustration after another. When I ask why no one told me something that affects my job, I am offered help in fixing the problem. I know how to fix it; that is my job. I want to know why the message was not communicated that would have prevented the breakage.

When I submit a ticket for an email problem, I have to call in the next day to tell them that it is still a problem or else they will close the ticket in 72 hours. Then I am told that this a known issue and there is already an open ticket. Except this ticket is closed and there was no way for me to know it existed in the first place. Known issues are only known to you unless you publish them somewhere.

You can’t send my medical supplies because my consent form expired yesterday. I was in the office last week and you should have had me sign a new one.

Your idiot bank keeps sending me balance transfer checks despite two requests to stop. Now you send me two secure messages that they should stop in 60 days. You send one per week and it takes two months to stop them? Get a fucking clue that I will never use those checks.

Efficiency is not always about saving money. It is often about keeping your fellow humans sane.

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