Wednesday, October 25, 2017

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This hotel reminds you to steal the toiletries!

I work in hotels/resorts, and honestly, take the little shampoos and soaps! We throw them away when you leave (we don’t know if you’ve opened them and messed with them or whatever, so for health and safety it all goes in the trash)
If you stay at the fancier places or chains, they’ve actually done some bit of thought into the scents for the toiletries, in that if you use them while at home you’ll remember the time you stayed at the hotel and be more likely to return.

Just don’t take the towels or the robes or any of that shit, it’s expensive.

This is true, all soaps, shampoos, and the like are tossed after a guest checks out of the hotel even if it’s clearly unopened because it is considered a health hazard violation in most places if they’re left there. If someone were to somehow get sick from it, a hotel can be shut down. Just take the toiletries, they’re ordered in bulk as is and only cost the hotel a few dollars to order them by the hundreds

And even if you don’t use them, you can donate them to your local homeless shelter or other similar charity and give someone something they could use that would otherwise go to waste.

PLEASE TAKE THE SOAPS. PLEASE DONATE THE SOAPS. It’s one of the biggest requests shelters/supply banks get. You want to make their fucking day? Show up with socks, undies, diapers, and toiletries.

And here I am not taking them to avoid being wasteful.

And here I was not wanting to steal things from the hotels. The more you know.

Reblogging again because I didn’t even think about donating them to charity. I figured they were too small to be useful, but they would be perfect for shelters and the like.

Calling it stealing is so weird to me. If they don’t want you to use it, they wouldn’t offer it. I’ve been to hotels where you get shampoo and soap and nothing more. If a business offers you something and you choose to take it, that is the opposite of stealing. This is not the bowl of mints meant for everyone; this is a tiny bottle of soap meant for you.

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